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Business Intelligence Analyst

Mobile Devices

Our client requires a Business Intelligence Analyst to: Purpose: Collaborate with client to facilitate several "data projects" to help inform and implement the Enterprise Data Analytics (EDA) Strategic Plan. While the role will be multi-faceted, there will be an emphasis on using BI/analytics software to create data visualizations and data dashboards. Background: The EDA Strategic Plan is an enterprise-wide collaboration led by client and provides a framework intended to develop capacity in three areas (pillars): people, processes and technology. Building this capacity will enable the client to better leverage data analytics at an enterprise level to support evidenced-based policy and decision-making. Identified as a priority in the client IMT 5-Year Strategic Plan, the EDA Platform project enables the implementation of the technology pillar of the strategic plan. The main technical components of the EDA Platform will be Analytics Technical Infrastructure ("data lake" and analytical tools) and Self-Serve Data Visualization (tools for interactive visualizations such as charts, graphs, dashboard, and maps).

Requirements: University graduation, diploma, or a currently active professional certification or accreditation in a related discipline & 7 years experience. Demonstrated experience leading or facilitating meetings (and workshops) with clients or stakeholders. Demonstrated experience identifying, gathering, analyzing, and documenting business (or BI) requirements from clients or stakeholders. Experience creating data visualizations, data dashboards, and other information products using BI/analyt...Learn More


Web, mobile, cloud and desktop.


Installation and support.


SOA, business analytics and intelligence.